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New Linkert venturi idea?

Post Tue Mar 19, 2002 1:04 am

Here's a note I sent Kurt at 45" Parts Depot:
Hi - glad to see someone is making this stuff. A comment? You currently offer 2 venturis: 15/16" for the M-88 etc., and 1-1/16" for the M-41, 51, etc. Have you considered a 3rd variant, with very little work involved? The M-88 is very common, but useless on a hot 45 or UL - too small. Installing the bigger (M-51) venturi directly
does not work - vent type is wrong. Another useful part could be made by simply cutting a vent notch (as found in the 15/16" model) in the leading edge of your M-51 venturi to match the M-88's function. This provides an easy flow increase to M-88 owners, and also an excellent replacement for the M340 & M640 Indian models which all use internal vent as well.
If this is of interest to anyone - let him know!!

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Post Tue Mar 19, 2002 3:12 am

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The problem I encounter is that I need venturies that are oversized on the OD.

The one last frontier in carb repair is the wear of the throttleplate into the carb bore. I have a supply of .015" oversize plates that allows me to easily hone the wear away, but I must always cut a venturi to match.

Note also that potmetal Scheblers have the habit of distorting over the years to where they egg wide on the vertical, but creep tight on the horizontal. (Potmetal is "liquid" and continues to move with time, like glass in old windows.) Honeing to an oversize would cure this application also.

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