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sportster magnito for indian

Post Wed Feb 27, 2002 8:19 am

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harley fires at 45 degrees. indian fires at 42 degrees. is it possible to grind the point can on the mag the 3 degrees? anybody seen a scintilla mag on a indian? would like to adapt a morrison mag for an indian from the oil pump location to where the coil or stock mag goes. anybody done this yet? i'm aware thet the stock mag mounting pad would have to be ground away or modified. i've got the morrison mag and would like to be able to adjust the valaves with out removing the mag if it was placed on the oil pump. lets talk shunk camss. i've got a 74" set and only 1 80" shunk cam. the profile is different. any gearhead indian people out there? only 1 hit on the indian site and it deals with 101 or sport scout heads. no disresect as this is also a worthy subject, but only 1 topic?

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