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45 or 30.5?

Post Fri May 04, 2001 3:55 pm

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civilian 30.5 motor # should start with E
EDA would be a 1941 frame number: 541101 - up

E is the engine, D is the decade, A is the year in the decade.
military 30.5 motor: GDA, serial: 741101 - up

45 motor: FDO for 1940, FDA - 1941
serial #: 640101 - up , 641101 - up

VIN # is on left rear lower shock mount (at least that's where it is on the 74's)

I don't see how what any year someone registers a bike would change the factory stamping on the frame, HMMM? And if it was an option then the first three number/letter combo should agree and the last part of the serial numbers should match. If they don't then it must have been a nonfactory option ( could of been an option 20 - 30 years after it was built). Get my drift? Lotta flakey people out there inventin' stuff.


Post Sat May 05, 2001 1:32 am

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More thoughts?
Lets see now
30.5 (Pony/Junior) made between 32-41
45 between 27-42
1st scouts 20-31 (I believe these were all 37")
and in 48 they had a run of sport scouts built out of existing parts stock.

Looks to me that the 30.5 came out to widen their displacement model range. Indian was having hard times before the war. Dupont was required to buy Indian during the war effort since they had money and the government wasn't going to let Indian go belly up. Indian was needed for war production. They had 30.5,45,74, and that 45 shaft drive which I think was what guideline/specs/request that your refering to.


Post Sat May 05, 2001 2:44 am

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If my memory's any good, 30.50 heads have 6 bolts, 45 have 7 bolts. A 30.50 is a good solid bike, and is really an under-bored 37".

Not a rocket ship, but great vintage looks.

They can be stroked, too.

the 741 Army 30.50 has the same trans gears as the 45 & 74, lots of the parts are the exact same as 45.

Hope this helps!

Post Sat May 05, 2001 2:59 am

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The bike you are talking about may also be a mixed batch. you can run 741 cases with 45 sport scout wheels and jugs or vice versa. The 741 jugs are puny looking and have a 1.00 inch intake manifold a 1.00 linkert or shebler carb. the 45 has a 1.250 carb and bigger manifold. the taller 45 jugs can be used in the 741 front frame section if you carve a little clearance in the fins front and rear for down tubes. I had a stroker scout like this with cheif flywheels and savanna cams fast little bike! the crashbox is the same on both bikes. so if the bike you are going to look at is indeed a 30.50 complete with dash (or with out) 3500 to 5500 bucks should be about fair. a sport scout 3500 to 7500, bonneville scout a little more or a true 48 big base scout (bumble bee) even more. oh yeah a sport scout primary cover has a removable rectangular plate over the clutch basket for an optional mag drive and it may possibly have the scuot script cast into the outer primary as well. the 741 primary cover does not have the removable plate and no script. But bear in mind that both of these covers will fit either bike. Both 640 (sport scout) and 741 millatary have aluminum heads. if it is a iron head its more than likely an earlier model, maby 101. later......mudbone

Rember if the bike is a 30.50 you are not that far away from having a good running 45 or a haul ass 57 incher. FHP has nice looking sport scout jugs for sale. flywheels are readily available be it sport scout, cheif, or harley 45 wheels with some mods.

Post Sat May 05, 2001 7:15 am

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But over all, check your numbers and title and don't listen to the bull. If it ain't right, walk away. If it's all correct, then you can build whatever you want it to be.


Post Sun May 06, 2001 11:28 pm

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Those aren't serial #'s on the jugs. They're part numbers. Don't walk away from this deal.....RUN!!!

Post Mon May 07, 2001 7:20 pm

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Hey Mudbone,
Can you tell me a bit more about how to turn a 741 into a 45. I got a 741 basket and have always been wondering about this. What do you need to change? Cams? Primary? Tranny? Thanks,

Eric :: Knk45
A state of the art power quest

Post Wed May 09, 2001 2:44 am

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Eric - go to Virtual Indian...lots of info there on 741 & Scout strokers.

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Post Sun May 13, 2001 5:32 am

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There's a lot in the magazine archives also

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