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porting and polishing 40 chief

Post Fri Nov 24, 2000 2:42 pm

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After spending most of the summer cleaning up my bone yard I came up with not enough parts to start a chief bobber project. I won't let that stop me . I would like to know if any one out there has done any porting and polishing on chief cylinders. I am also looking for some parts.
1) rear half of a chief frame 36-39
2)intake manifold 40 chief
3)oil pump 40 chief

Post Sun Dec 03, 2000 4:57 pm

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Unless you really want it radical most just polish the ports like the Bonney engines were from the factory and then use popup Bonney pistons witch require either bonney heads or machineing the squish area over the piston (leave about .040 head to piston clearance) wich opens the area that the mixture can enter the cylinder. For an every day bike the Bonney cams and followers are fine.
If you really want it radical find a copy of the relieving papers that Hardley published for the KR (these were on a web site awhile back but can't remenber whose Panic's maybe). Then you will probably need either Schunk cams or a custom grind close to the KR specs.

Post Thu Dec 07, 2000 3:54 am

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Thanks Dusty

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