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scout stroker pistons

Post Sat Oct 28, 2000 9:52 pm

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im fixing to start rebulding a freinds scout motor. the first thing i noticed was the very distinct square base jugs. very square, barley able to slip a ground down wrench around the nuts. for me this makes three different cylnder bases on scouts, any way i took the heads off and said damn man you got a stroker. then proceeded to slip the barrels off the buckets and was suprised to see a set of possibly industrial chromed rods or maybe nickeled plated. the cams are pretty impressive also very distinct peanut shaped. i think they might be either savanna cams or maby shunck cams? The piston have the number 13 by the boss cast in with a bunch of little raised dots. looks liked a bunch of grapes. i have always heard that cushman pistons may work in a 57 in. scout is this true.

Post Sun Oct 29, 2000 2:58 am

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The Cushman pistons were common in strokers if they used chief rods. If it has scout rods most of the big boys offer a modifyed datsun piston. If you dont mind a little head mods. The honda XL250 works well. There are several others that I can't remenber right now. Check the back issues and archives of the Virtual Indian for lots of stroker stuff.

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