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Dusty's Blue print project

Post Tue Feb 22, 2000 5:03 am

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I've been in touch with Dusty. Talking back & forth. His idea to make blue prints so us DIY types is a wonder full thing. I sure just about anyone dealing with old machines has come to a point where they wish they could make that part that's holding you up.
Well its time to step up and be counted. Take pictures(with rulers), draw pictures, descibe in detail. Let's help dusty out in this noble effort. If you would like to see what he can do check out,
Thanks Wifit

Post Thu Feb 24, 2000 8:11 am

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Sorry to reply on the board but my email is seriously screwed today.
Don't let those part get away! The wheels and fork are worth more than the asking price. They include almost everything that you need and your surpluss will bring almost what they cost.

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