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what electronic ignition & gearing question

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i have 2 Indians 1948 and a1946 and i want to convert them to electronic ignition - is one better than another and who

i have stock gearing in the 48 and want to up it for lower RPMs on the short hwy trips i make not every place i go has back roads, i have read 26 front gear wont fit because it hits the chain guard,

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I prefer the one from IPE but you gotta pay shipping from europe.

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A 25 would work for highway ,but you'll be back to first on some back roads. You will have to adjust chain guard for clearance and check chain very often so it won't hit chain guard.

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Thank you

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I use 24 tooth sprockets on my Chiefs which is a good compromise. The difference between 24 and 25 is negligible (4%) and you don't have to worry about the chain hitting the chain guard. These bikes weren't designed to go much faster than 60-65mph for extended rides in any case especially considering the suspension and brake limitations.

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