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Sifton .415 lift cams

Post Thu Nov 29, 2012 5:55 pm

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I've noticed on ebay and internet SIFTON .415" lift cams for as little as $110.00 and up to as much as $400.00! I'd like to have an extra drop in set that can be swapped in or out for the Ollies I currently have in my '46 Chief. Went and did it and purchased a pair of the SIFTON .415" lift cams for $ and fast shipping...from eBay. Actually the .415" is the lobe height. Stock cams have a lobe height of about .400 so it would appear that the SIFTON cam would be similar in performance. Lobe shape also appears to be pretty close to stock. Machining and finish are quite nice for an imported item. The only down side I can see is that the "backup lobe" (between cam gear and cam lobe) was omitted on the SIFTON cams. Thus I think there might be a problem of modifying the SIFTON .415" cam to accept a high performance cam lobe replacement like an Ollie. There isn't a lot of "meat" on the gear itself (although there is a .250 alignment hole) to accept and retain the .250" pin that would align and secure a replacement lobe. Perhaps the pin and cam lobe could be welded in place to property secure them. But for a stock replacement, which is what I wanted, these SIFTON cams might just do fine.

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