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Scout Handwheels, part# 41924

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Post Wed Sep 28, 2011 12:40 pm

Scout Handwheels, part# 41924

The original handwheels/wingnuts I've seen listed & sold were bare metal or maybe once Cad plated...were the ones for the sport scout chrome? That is how Greer is selling their repro for the 640. I don't recall seeing them in chrome ever, but I have not seen a lot of restored scouts in person.



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Re: Scout Handwheels, part# 41924

I have never seen any origionals in chrome. Most painted and a few nickle.


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Re: Scout Handwheels, part# 41924

Hi, Just happened to see your post,I don't know your year ,but for my "41 SS Robin Markey said to use chrome fork damper handles ,also the fork damper plates are painted black. The Virtual Indian site has a lot of knowledgeable people on it.

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