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Rear shock - how to pull apart

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Rear shock - how to pull apart

Help folks! 1948 Chief - I bought the tool to compress and remove the rear shocks from the frame. I have the shocks apart now but cant for the life of me figure out how to remove the two final chrome pieces off the cast parts where the axle goes through.

I did take the end caps that are threaded off (we made a special tool for that), but still can't separate the final chrome pieces off the casting. Are they pressed in, threaded in? I've tried to take them off but can't.

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Re: Rear shock - how to pull apart

They slide on and are not threaded or locked in any way.


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Re: Rear shock - how to pull apart

The lower chrome shields are held in place by the pinch bolts that hold the lower cup in place. These are easily removed by slacking off on the pinch bolt. The upper chrome shield is held in place by a small set screw that may be painted over and has disappeared from view. You will have to back it out to remove the upper shield. The problem is that the set screw has probably buggered up the top of the shield making it tough to remove without damaging it. However you can use a plier, backed with some rags to protect the finish and jockey it back and forth until it breaks loose. I replaced these set screws with small allen head screws that are easier to find and remove.

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