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Stripping chrome from rocker housings....

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On my 47 FL engine, the rocker housings are chromed, nicely, probably back in the 80's sometime. My concern is that I keep hearing chrome-stripping horror stories on this, i.e. the chrome guy left them in the tank too long, so the aluminum got hopelessly pitted, leaving one to search for new housings. If that is the case, I would rather not go through this to achieve a factory natural finish. Any advice or resources (someone who can do it in LA, CA area) would be highly appreciated...Thanks, BONES

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You will never be able to restore the factory natural finish. Once the chrome, copper plate is removed you will still have a part that has been polished and removed the original finish.
A few months ago I was in the need of chrome rocker boxes. I couldn't stand the thought of ruining a nice original set so I put the word out and traded my originals to a friend who is restoring his Knuck and didn't want his chrome rocker boxes on it.
As I have been building this bike I have been buying previously chromed/destroyed parts rather than ruining good parts.

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Thanks, Chris. I guess some things are best left alone....Bones

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If you are thinking about stripping your rocker boxes check out Caswell.
They sell plating and stripping kits, will be able to tell you what you need to know about stripping chrome and advise the appropriate products. Good Luck.

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