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3 brush charging rate

Post Thu Sep 28, 2000 4:47 pm

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Can someone walk me through the process of setting the charging rate on a 32E, 3 brush? I am using a capacitor(condensor?) in place of the cutout relay. I find that I have been using a lot of water in the battery recently. After a long ride(100 miles or so), I find that there is some water dishcharge from the battery overflow tube.

Thanks, Paul

Post Fri Sep 29, 2000 1:00 am

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Find an amp guage to put in line ,a low scale one.Set it by turning the third brush clockwise to increase and counter to decrease. I am running the diode set up and set it to where with the lights on high and throttle up it charges at 1/2 to 1 amp. Set this way I have had good luck with battery life and rarely have to add water. My bike has an amp guage on it allready but before I had one I took one out of an old battery charger and used it to set up with.

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