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strange rearbrake drum

Post Mon Aug 07, 2000 11:10 am

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i have a rear brakedrum that puzzles me.
I compared it to a 1941 knuckledrum, its the same diameter, the face to face width however is 1-25/32 instead of 2-3/32. Its a stamping,a knucklesprocket fits exactly and it also matches to the starhubholes.The knucklebrakeshoes fit for the diameter, but are too wide!Its a little bit dusty,but unused(maybe nos).
Initially i thought it to be for a 36 but that has a smaller diam.What can it be, something between 36 and 37, or much later repop or so?

Here you can see some pics of it:

Post Mon Aug 07, 2000 3:04 pm
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Rien, Is it possible that this is a goverment contract-early juice brake drum?
I seem to have a narrower new Bendix shoe set that is 1 10/32 in width. military surplus.

Post Tue Aug 08, 2000 8:44 am

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maybe thats possible don, its a relative thin stamping however,i just dont know

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