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reprint or original bigtwin manual??

Post Tue Jul 11, 2000 6:29 pm

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i have since short two 1940-47 service manuals in my possesion.
Both are softcovers about the bigtwins, 1 is lightblue, the other is green.The green 1 is a reprint for sure, it says on the first page:copyright 1986...partnr 99482-7 reprinted9/86 , so thats clear.
The other is the same size,also 165pages, thicker and rougher paper and no reprint references.On the greencover the guy on the bike has no hat visible, on the blue you see nearly the complete hat
The pictures however seem darker and i don t know how the original is supposed to be , so i have my doubts!
Presently i have seen purple ones, maybe mine is an early reprint , who knows what is what, and how you can see the difference?

Post Fri Jul 14, 2000 2:14 am

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Hey Rein,
You'll probably notice that all the pictures in the light blue one are much clearer. That's because it's the original one! No doubt about it. Enjoy!
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Post Fri Jul 14, 2000 6:18 am

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Hi knk45 thanks!, that would be fine!....strange thing however:the pictures in the green one show more detail and seem sharper,also i cannot find any indication about dates,oem numbers or whatever!Again i wished it was the original, but am still doubting!

these are the urls where you can see both covers:

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Post Fri Jul 14, 2000 11:19 am

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hi rene, i had to go back in time at least 1 century, using old copper weighing scales, but one thing is clear: the green manual with the better quality paper,smoother and giving more details is more than 500graMS.This one is also thinner and is a copy coming from H-D.
I guess the thicker lightblue one is a repop as well, but from the fifties or sixties!Pity!

In case i find one,would the original manual have been light blue as well?

Post Fri Jul 14, 2000 1:48 pm

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Be my guest!But don t stand for a closed door,from next monday on we are 3 weeks on vacation touring through France!Lately i have been breaking in my 37 and this baby rides !!
.001'' tolerance on steelstrut pistons, no problem! The guy in the machineshop was used to bore all old bikes to .003" ,referred to my 41 knuckle ,but still had difficulties to speak him out of that!

Thanks to Jerry Wieland i could make a perfect copy of the oilpressuregauge plate, looks good!
I am trying to bring in some history to the bike as well, thats why my search for 37 manuals, books, manuals and so on.Nearly bought some genuine old 37/38 bills, but it went too high.

keep in touch!

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