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fu' d on ebay (sad story)

Post Tue Jul 04, 2000 2:36 pm

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I bought 8 weeks ago a so called "MINT" condition right side knucklecase from a guy in New York, this was on Ebay.I checked through emails whether it was really mint, and yes no cracks no welding no tabs damaged.
$501 i paid for it!, it arrived last week(surface) in the netherlands.
It looked nice, but: most of the generator supportbracket was ground off!!I got no replies on my emails, and was
to late to add a negative to his profile(60 days, thank you ebay).

but now the question: i have no wl case over here,but could the bracket of a (damaged)wl case be cut off, and rewelded to the knucklecase, is it the same construction?

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Post Tue Jul 04, 2000 3:44 pm
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Maybe a Gen. support on UL model will work.

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Post Tue Jul 04, 2000 4:24 pm

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thx don, i ll try to reach him there!

Post Thu Jul 06, 2000 12:26 pm

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Sorry to hear your bad news about eBay. As an eBay member I try to be as accurate as I can in discribing something. You would think this guy would have been extra careful with a piece at this price. I'll be careful to avoid him on future auctions. Hope you can fix the case you got.Bob

Post Thu Jul 06, 2000 6:14 pm

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finally i got hold of the guy,all he says that he is in harleys for 30 years and checks everything before he sends it over!
Today i have sent him some pictures to convince him,maybe he thinks its the same as late panhead or early shovel, or probably that i took it off myself.
I am also an Ebay member, and most of the time meet good people, i guess some r.. apples spoil it for them and for us.

Well i try to find an old UL or wl case( not useable of course and cut off that bracket and reweld it.

Post Fri Jul 14, 2000 6:32 am

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well Tommy, i guess the guy deserves some credit afterall!
It took some time and persuation,but he promised me to send the missing bracket,which he cuts off an unuseable pancase plus adds $50 for the welding.
This at least repairs the case, it will never be MINT as advertised, but we all can make mistakes i guess, and it was overlooked as he states.
It doesn t scare me away from ebay, just make me more cautious!

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