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dimming lights

Post Fri Jun 23, 2000 5:37 am

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I have a '47 knuckle , still runnining 6 volts and the 32E generator. I have noticed recently that while riding at night, the lights will periodically dim, then brighten back up. I moved the ignition switch from side to side, and this seemed to help, but it ocurred again. Any ideas?

Post Fri Jun 23, 2000 5:14 pm
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Hi Paul,
If your running a three brush and cutout relay, The current regulating brush must be set at 2 amps to 4 amps depending on lighting load, your probably set at 2 amps.
On the voltage cut out relay check the contact tip surfaces, remove only high spots with a burnisher, then gap it to .020" 6.6V closing.6.3 to 6.8V
Ensure all electrical connections are tight
with DC bad or corroded connections can ruin your day.
this includes a worn contact bar on your ignition switch.

Post Wed Jun 28, 2000 6:13 am

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I have done away with the mechanical cutout relay, and am running a unit that looks like a condenser. I have had this on the bike for about 7 years or so without any charging problems. The more I mess with the ignition switch, the more I suspect that it is the culprit.
If anyone has any other ideas, I would appreciate them.

Post Wed Jun 28, 2000 12:34 pm

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You are running what is called a diode which is what I have been running .I only changed it once in 20 yrs and then found that not to be the problem.It was a problem of a wire grounding out on the generator. This is also a common problem on ignition switches with the close tollerances around the switch.Most generally if it is a switch problem itself it will cause a cutting out effect.

Post Thu Jun 29, 2000 2:50 am

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Just look at the underside of the switch: There's a brass rod that rotates to make the connections, and it wears scallops in it fron the contacts. Try grabbing it with some needlenose's and turn it 180.

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