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1947 Speedo

Post Sat Jun 03, 2000 11:45 am

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After having big arguments with expert friends for a while I´d like to use this forum to find out what is the truth. I bought my 47EL4787 with the original speedo on it. The speedo head had never been opened (or some wizard did it) and the pointer is WHITE.
Now don´t give me replies to tell me I have a 1941-46 speedo. My speedo has the correct face with slanted letters and the head has the lamp window at the lower left.
Of course I looked up what Bruce Palmer has to tell about this subject. His book "How To Restore" nicely describes the details that perfectly match the PROTOTYPE Speedo as shown on page 445. But now folks let´s take a look at page 429. The 1947 speedo shown here -obviously mounted on a production model, because it shows miles on odometer and tripmeter- has a WHITE pointer. I swear I saw an unopened 1947 speedo with white needle last year at the Swap Meet in Wauseaon, Ohio.
Knucklehead nuts in the world, please tell me the truth! What is right and what is wrong?
Please end my sleepless nights.

Thank you,


Post Tue Jun 06, 2000 12:18 am

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I got a 1947 speedo and the needle is red. It's original, no doubt about it. All the 1947 speedos I have seen have a red needle, but maybe early 47' still had the white one.
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