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We must assume you are running shovel heads also? (I think the bolt pattern of shovel cylinders puts a headbolt into the knuckle intake port?)Since you are probably still using the original tappets which have the adjustors on them instead of the pushrods, And you have probably already spent your money on aftermarket pushrods, I would think the quickest solution would be to pull one of the pressed-in steel ends on each of the rods and cutting the tube appropriately, and then pressing the end back on. Of course a lathe makes this easier, particularly if the I.D. must be relieved for a proper press-fit on aluminum rods. It is a common practice to do this with a stroker rod to make a stiffer front exhaust rod for stockers. (The next problem you face if you have shovel heads also is the misalignment of the tappet blocks to rockerboxes; This makes pushrod covers hard to seal.)

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