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Whats the current value

Post Wed Apr 26, 2000 8:21 pm

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I can get my hands on a 46 Knuckle 74" and have no Idea what they are going for these Days. It`s been about 10 Years since I bought my last. This one is all stock exept for a Front end out of a early Pan. But that might be worth something to a Pan owner if I go back to the Springer. Who can give me some advice on realistic prices?
Thanks from the Ghetto.


Post Wed Apr 26, 2000 10:15 pm

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depends on what you want to spend and more correctly what the guy wants for it.

Is it rebuilt? restored to almost prissy perfect? or has it been setting for years with the same oil it had when new with all its subsequent acids buildups?
does it come with title

running? how well?

short of one that was purchased at an auction
for a grand.

anywhere from 5500 to whatever your willing to spend 46 years seem to top out about 20000
-23000 completely restored to picky yo nose perfect.

Post Thu Apr 27, 2000 2:50 am

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I'm licensed for title bond appraisals, etc., and the rule of thumb I use is this: If it takes an average of $12,000 to do a "commercial" restoration, then you subtract that from the value of a finished bike to get the value of a basket. If a very nice "46 is worth hypothetically ~$18,500, then a project is worth $6,500 max, and that's only if the speedo and other vanity items are there.

Post Thu Apr 27, 2000 7:26 pm

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As far as I can tell the bike in question hasn`t been ridden in the last 8 years.
It`s got a Title and original case numbers.
converted to footshift along the way too.
It runs, but the front valve covers need some

Post Thu Apr 27, 2000 7:32 pm

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I guess your answer is somewhere less then 18.5 but more then a buck.
Me thinks 5 or 6 would be a deal 7 - 7.5 reasonable and 9 would be stretching

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