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primary overoiling solved!!!!!!!

Post Wed Apr 26, 2000 6:29 pm

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a new post ,sorry for shouting,but its under control!After removing 6 times the camcover,making a new bushing for the breathervalve, putting on 3 different pumps,checking for internal leaks and suspecting everything during 2 weeks THE SOLUTION: 1 somebody drilled a small hole through the the cambearing(and its housing), in order to extra lube the camend where its in the crankcase, this hole ended so close near the flywheel that the over- and underpressure escaped from the crankcase into the camchest.(matterfact this was the only bushing i left in because it fitted perfect on my cam)
2 When i went again for leaktesting(airpressure 15 lbs) through the timeropening, after having removed the camcover, and closing off both the breatherinletpipe in the oiltrapcavity, and the chainoileropening,i suddenly noticed air coming out the primary oiler opening, thus proving there was an open connection between the crankcase and the breatherpipe!

I made apipe of the same diameter of about 4 inches and pressed it in and closed in that way the leak.... starting engine, no oil!!

Thanks cotten and dotman for your advices, it kept me motivated, i surely oversaw those things which i found now,but maybe it can help somebody else!!

Post Wed Apr 26, 2000 10:07 pm

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Mahvalous, just a note i change all the bushings every new motor i see to rebuild due to unknown value of old bushings, and the usual way people have been cleaning them of late with sand blaster.

Any hoo congrats

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