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12 volt batteries

Post Sun Apr 23, 2000 10:07 pm

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any one know where i can find a good 12v battery to fit in the 6v hole, i remember there was a company that made a 12v but i dont remember the name?.right now i use a 12n5 junker,which dont last long in a rigid.anyone know where i can find a dry battery?

Post Mon Apr 24, 2000 12:41 am

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Wes! If that junker you run is the 12n-5.5a-3b, well,.. that's still your best choice. There are many "brands" available, so just get one that is warrantied, like an Interstate, and then get one of the "extention boxes" that are available from distributors like V-Twin or (I think) 45 Restoration, etc. This not only makes it convenient to get at the battery, but it allows airflow around it. Although vibration is bad, the heat of the oiltank reduces the batteries ability to accept voltage, and greatly shortens the battery's life. Therefore a "low-voltage" regulator for this application has been made by Cycle Electric to avoid the boiled battery syndrome.
These two products make the 'junker' battery quite serviceable.

Post Mon Apr 24, 2000 11:30 am

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Hello Wes, My answer to the 12n blues is to use a yb10l-a2{from my wifes 1980 250 kawasaki. The battery measures 5 1/8 x3 3/8. It is rated at ten amp hrs. The glitch is that it won't fit a stock oil tank. I bought a reproduction tank and added one inch to its width. It is really not to difficult. I have been running on the same battery now for three years and no trouble. Done right you have to look pretty closeley to be able to distinguish from stock. I hope this helps

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