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Knuckle Owner Club

Post Mon Mar 27, 2000 9:09 pm

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Does anyone know if there is an organisation

Post Thu Mar 30, 2000 11:43 pm

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TA DA your now unofficially member number 01000019 of the Officially unofficial official Alfalfa he-man 36 thru 47 knuckleheaded owners of da woorld club.
Da dues are payable every time ya break sumthin on your motocycle.
Congratullations on your acceptance
dont break anything Image and dont furget the secret handshake you only get instructions onced

there was a 36 regestry printed by a couple in floorda for owners of 36's or parts of 36's or just if you where interested in 36's.
dont know if they are still printing.

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Post Sat Apr 01, 2000 3:38 am

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I don't know the current status of the 36 EL registry, but I do have a copy of issue # 8 Fall 1993. Here's the address:
c/o Gerry & Lisa Lyons
1240 S. Vineland Rd C-3
Winter Garden, FL 34787-4319
At the time of publication, they had 107 serial #s registered. The lowest 1004. Highest 2903. The issue also includes reproductions of actual Shop Dope issues and letters from 1936 EL owners describing how they came into their bikes.

Post Sat Apr 01, 2000 6:41 am

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The 36 EL registry is apparently defunct. I was one of the first members and Gerry and Lisa Lyons have fallen from view. I guess it turned out to be more than they could handle.

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