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What does this Linkert carb fit ???

Post Sun Mar 26, 2000 8:15 pm

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acc."how to restore your harley davidson" the M-53A1 (H-D 27146-52A) is not knucklehead, but belongs to the 1955-1956KH model,venturi size 1-5/16 etc., i hope this helps you further.

Post Mon Mar 27, 2000 2:12 am

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Hey Billy,

What you have here as Rein said is a K or KH carb If you look down the bore of the carb you should see a Double Venturi often called the Bulls Eye Linkert carb.

A rider who had one on his Knuck in a VL frame told me that the Bulls Eye carb was where its at, this was long before there was a S&S Super or the made in Japan Makoonie, later I found a MR3 with the Bulls Eye and put it on a ULH in a VL frame. This one didnt have a choke plate so I adapted an external choke plate from a later servicar L&L air cleaner and a air cleaner cover with the center screw.

I was told that they put the Bulls Eye carb on the dirt track racers to stop any puddleing of gas in the carb, I also think it was done to maintain low end torque with the small center venturi and produce high end power with the 1 5/16 main venturi size.

This 4 bolt carb can be adapted with jetting changes, I know I had to change one of the carb body fixed jets, and it did produce the low end torque and the high-end power. I say this because I tried a M74 on the ULH and it didnt give the low end torque but was great for high rpms.

Good Luck

Tom (00)


Post Mon Mar 27, 2000 4:43 am

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The double venturies were often referred to as 'bombsight' Linkerts, and are highly desireable! This was the best solution for 'flat spots' until pumper carbs came along.

Post Tue Mar 28, 2000 2:12 am

IMHO Rein is correct - the 53A1 does not have the bombsight, but the same venturi as 1940-* OHV: 1-5/16" ID (if original). Only the 45" (K/KK) motors use the dual venturi; they stopped it when they discovered the extra displacement (and rod angle) of the KH made it unnecessary. Please note the low speed will be rich for any larger motor (61", etc.) as it uses the 8 degree throttle disc.

Post Tue Mar 28, 2000 4:02 am

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I put one of those Bullseyes in the carb on my Knuck. I am not sure if it is an M35 or M35T (to late to go look)but it made a big difference in low end and in throttle responce.

Post Tue Mar 28, 2000 5:02 am

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I've got a rack of M-35, M-35T, and M-35TPs, and although there are distinct differences, none are bombsights. Some time ago I was posted a j-peg of the real critter, but I only saved it in hardcopy. Is there a community site for photo posts for this board?

Post Wed Mar 29, 2000 3:12 am

Only factory bombsight-equipped: MR-3, MR-4, MR-4A, M-53.

Post Thu Mar 30, 2000 7:56 am

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Here is a pic of the throat of the carb.
It appears to have somekindofa insert just behing the "flapper"....(sorry, it's late and I never did speak fluent carbeeze)


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