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generator/alternator knuckle?

Post Sun Feb 20, 2000 3:20 pm

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I know that a generator shovel right case can be matched to an alternator shovel left case, I was wondering if the same could be done to a knuckle right case and an alternator shovel left case. I realize that this would result in a bike with no numbers, but in Pennsylvania you could title such a bike as reconstructed and they issue a "blue tag" which has to be "permanently attached"to the bike. I have '70 and 78 shovel left cases as well as the flywheel assembly to the '78. A friend has a knuckle right case. Could any of this be put together? Could later 80 inch shovel flywheels be used? What pinion shaft would I use? Can any one help? Thanks for your time.

Post Wed Feb 23, 2000 4:16 pm

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Dont think this would work unless you gots a big machine shop and lots o tyme and monet.
Too much change between the 40s and the 70s.
Have seen a motor that was put together with
a panhead front head and cylinder, knuckle rear head and cylinder and a bunch of other mismatched parts but it looked kinda like something from a freddy kruger movie after freddy was done

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