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Andrew Cams

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Post Fri Feb 18, 2000 4:42 am

Andrew Cams

im wondering if anyone has had any problems installing k grind cams.i bought one and one of the lobes just barely hits the idler. cam is centered in case or should i just stick with my regrind???


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Post Fri Feb 18, 2000 5:00 pm

Have one in my 47 stroker and havent had any problems. It had a manufacture date of mar 76
which may make it different from newer ones have heard that some of the old guys have retired and the new guys dont know anything but evo stuff. Im also running lighting gears and they may be a bit thinner but all the spacers are stock stuff

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Post Sun Feb 20, 2000 6:10 am

Been running a K grind in my 1945 Knuck for 10 Years or better. I had no clearance problems at all with it. The only time I had to modify the idler gear was when I was running a Sifton 450. You can go to the Andrews web site and send them an email to request info about it or just call them up. The are more than happy to help out. I have called them a number of times. www.andrews-products.com

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