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big bore panhead cylinders

Post Tue Dec 28, 1999 5:49 am

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The reason we made heads with Pan pattern was
that we could use Axtell Pan cylinders. We do
not make those anymore. All our heads and jugs, stock to 4", are Knuck.
We do have 3 5/8 Pan cylinders coming soon.


Post Wed Dec 29, 1999 4:14 pm

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Axtell will no longer build Knuckle cyls. S&S did at one time offer Pan headbolt pattern big bore cyls for Knuckles. I have an un-used set. With Flatheadpower big bore cyls. available, the only way I would run the Pan/Knuckle if I had already converted my heads to a Pan pattern.

Post Wed Dec 29, 1999 7:39 pm

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Larry Just a suggestion, but why not stick the old frame in the garage and get a new paughco with a couple extra inchs in the front downtubes for just in case

Post Sun Jan 02, 2000 6:43 pm

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We use the S&S cases as they are, up to 3 13/16 bore. For the 4", bolts will have to be
moved, material left by the rear tappet guide
and the guide machined instead. The upper
casebolts will have to be moved apart for
the 4 1/4 spigots. We now make 4" Knuckle
jugs and heads, so I hope we can get the
cases the way we need them.
We have officially stopped making any other
bolt patterns than Knuckle.


Post Mon Jan 03, 2000 3:29 pm

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I noticed in all the parts books the repop cylinders are stock bore with a warning not for use in/with hyperformance motors.
How do FHP's measureup with Mom being 130+ CI?

Post Mon Jan 03, 2000 6:32 pm

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Well, we do not tell our customers to take
it easy with cylinders or any of the parts.
As long as they´re installed correct and
properly broken in they should perform good.
As to Mom going 132", it´s only a matter of
5 1/4 stroke and 4" bore.
She´ll be a nice street Mama.

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