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What's a set of 1939 EL matching cases + flywheels worth?

Post Thu Dec 16, 1999 8:09 pm

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@ a minumum prob 1500.00 to 2000.00. depends on what your willing to take.

Post Sat Dec 18, 1999 3:46 am

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Whats does a set of S&S case's go for these days? I purchsed a set of generator delkrons about 5 years ago and they ran me something like 670.00 and when i replaced my knuckle flwheels from T&O they ran around 300 but that was 3 or 4 years ago

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Post Sat Dec 18, 1999 4:28 pm

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Hey Dotman: I looked at S&S's webpage and they have the Knuck cases listed for approx. $1150--Did you use the Delkrons for a Knuck project or Pan? Delkron doesn't have a specific case for Knucks, but I have been told that the S&S Knuck cases aren't true Knuck cases either--they are basically 55-64 Pan cases set up for the Knuck oiling system and lifter blocks. I have also been told that the S&S cases require a Timken bearing bottom end and the Pan-style pinion. I am getting info on these particulars from a contact at S&S. But if you used Delkrons, let us know how it was done. I'm know thinking of repairing my original cases, put them on the shelf, building a "Mountain Motor" knuck from FHP parts...the idea of blowing blockheads away going down the road is very appealing...

Post Sat Dec 18, 1999 5:49 pm

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Larry the delkrons where used in a 94" generator shovel. But where either listed as 52 or 54 to 66 style. If the lifter blocks are adapted and you used big bore 3 5/8" pan barrels with a set of panhead bolt pattern heads. the cases themselves are extra thick in all diminsions, this could be a preety cool motor. Image
The oiling would seem to be taken care of by using the old style cam cover with a hi volumn S&S oil pump. The cam would need to be figured out and use one of the new electronic single fire distributors.
T&O torquemonster stroker flywheels with the new style pinion and sproket shaft. better bearing size. Lighting gears in the gear case. and some kind af killer carb. sounds like a real evo eater motor.
From what Ive seen of the S&S cases they are made to look like the late style knuck /early pan cases. Delkrons are made to look like something from the industrial world so I guess its a matter of getting the knuckle lifter blocks set up right on the delkrons or using the S&S cases already set up. Difference being one is already done for you at 1150 and the other isnt at around 700. in which case you would have to spend extra dollars to get it done. But you also get the extra strenght in the delkrons.

AHHHHH TO MANY CHOICES .................

Post Sat Dec 18, 1999 6:53 pm

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Yes, the S&S cases look more like the stockers. Machining the ribs on the camcover
is a piece of cake, and gives the engine a
vintage look. One thing to check when ordering cases would be the engine mounting
height. I know they have Pan/Shovel height
but Knuckle should be available now.
When it comes to case strength, we haven´t
had any problems with our street/drag engines.
If only the damn wristpins would stay in one
piece........3 piece pins make a mess.

Post Sat Dec 18, 1999 8:55 pm

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HMMM 3 piece wrist pins. definintly not the choice of champions. Image

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