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Post Thu Dec 09, 1999 2:50 am

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Hello again; in the search for mechanical resonance, is it beneficial to drill lightning holes in the ilder gear and drive gear, if so, how big of holes would one drill and how many. also when i first took my engine apart, their was no seperator plate or screen. what are the affects of not using these or do i want to install these, and is it possible to install rollers in my tappets.

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Post Thu Dec 09, 1999 4:08 am

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You can get lighting gears from kick start mc parts (616)245 8991. legend has it that you really wont need the screen if you turn your motor fast enough to break sumthing anyway because the size of the holes is usually to large to stop the stuff that really cause's bearing and bushing damage. and last but not least new bearings for lifters run about 35.00 a set of four and you need a drill , a punch , a small chisal and a vice to change them. the restoration book by bruce palmer gives a pretty good discription of how to.

hope that helps

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Post Thu Dec 09, 1999 2:50 pm

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I always was told that the screen was a bubble buster for back when oils foamed a lot.....Cotten

Post Thu Dec 09, 1999 3:25 pm

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I was told ice in cold weather but bubbles makes sense.

Post Sat Dec 11, 1999 6:23 pm

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The screens aor to filter oil befor it goes in to the pump

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