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Post Tue Oct 05, 1999 9:14 pm

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Has anybody have any experience on balancing
flywheels?. I'm tring to balance a set of 61"
flywheels, I'm using parallels and counter-
The trouble i'm having is when i mount every-
thing on the parallels, the counterweight go
to the bottom.

Post Wed Oct 06, 1999 2:15 am

When you say "everything" what's on the crank-pin? If it's bare, the counterweight will always go to the bottom. The wheels should stop at random only if the bob weight (based on the components you're using) matches the counterweight.

Post Wed Oct 06, 1999 4:57 am

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Which method are you going to use?: Hang the whole flywheel assembly, or just make up weights and do one wheel at a time?
I just posted about a half dozen letters on static method on the Virtual Indian List this week, so it's fresh on my mind; It's the same technique for Harleys, just a different factor. What factor do you choose to use?

Post Wed Oct 06, 1999 11:53 pm

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I weighed the crankpin,crankpin nuts,crank-pin lock washers,lock washer screws,all crank
pin rollers and retainers,both connecting rods with bushings,one piston,one piston pin
one set of piston pin retainers,and one set of piston rings. I took the sum of the weight,and divided it by two. This is the we-ight of the counterbalance i made to mount
on EACH flywheel,on an set of parallel bars.
When i said everything i meant i took an fly-
wheel,and mounted the counterbalance through
the crankpin hole. and passed an arbor(that
has the same taper as the main shaft)through
the main shaft hole,and this rides on the parallels. I'm going from an article from
"The Essentials of Speed" an reprint from

Post Fri Oct 08, 1999 1:15 pm

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This method has been discussed lately on the VI List, and there is a good question what the final factor will be when you have finished. Most would suggest 60% for a H-D, and you really need to determine your reciprocating weight to be accurate. This is where weighing the top half of the rods comes in. The S&S catalog basically outlines how the static method you describe has been refined. You may find that you want to carve on the pistons, and not the wheels.

Post Mon Oct 11, 1999 9:23 pm

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Hey, Cotton, may i have the web address for virtual indian list. here on the link page, i can find virtual indian, but they don't list any topics on static balancing flywheels. Now i'm new to this internet,so i may not be clicking on the right spot. any help would be appreciated. also is it the current S&S catalog, that describes the static method?.

Post Sun Dec 05, 1999 5:24 am

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Hello cotton;
It's been 2 months since i asked for help, and now finally sitting at the corner of the computer room, is a set of balance and trued EL knuckle flywheels. i'm pretty excited, finally, rebuilding my 1st set of flywheels. But the knot in my stomach tells me that their not done untill the moment of truth, when i'm riding it. I just wanted to let you know that i follow through and finished it. and to say thanks.

Post Sun Dec 05, 1999 3:07 pm

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Geronimo! For all of the uncounted motors I have done over the past decades, I am still amazed every time a fresh resurrection fires up like it had never cooled off! (Be thank full that your first attempt didn't involve the early split pinion shaft!) Now you can relax and sort out the REALLY critical stuff, like the intake manifold assembly. We will all be here to help!

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