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Stroker Knucklehead?

Post Tue Nov 02, 1999 2:47 am

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Suggest U call Truett & Osborne and order a set of there torque monster stroker wheels for knucklehead. This rather then go to the trouble of adapting UL wheels to knuckle cases. You get lots O Tork and can go up to over 96" depending on the barrrels U use.
Remember however that knuckle cases are somewhat fragile when you start pumping them UP. But have been informed that S&S makes new
knuck cases with MSO plus stroker knuckle wheels, I think that is what FHP is using for there new mfg'd Knuckles.

Post Tue Nov 02, 1999 3:23 am
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for info on stick welding call 800-323-4845 Eutectic 4099 for cast iron,machinable weld.

Post Thu Nov 04, 1999 5:26 pm

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If I had an original set of 1939 cases, I would not be making big inch strokers out of them. Small port 61" knuckleheads run very well. If you want a stroker, either use late model parts or preferably aftermarket stuff. That way if you blow it up, you are only out money and not unobtainium. Jerry

Post Thu Nov 04, 1999 10:54 pm

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if ya gotta ya gotta ...but i wouldn't ...somewhere in here is a apost i made about early cases being weak ..ya gotta remember you're talking 60 year old metal that has seen all kinds of extremes cold etc.
And S&S does indeed make a set of knuck cases,I run them on a 103" and they are BULLET PROOF...I'll be glad to help you obtain a set of S&S cases and we have complete FHP heads in stock,drop me an email if you're interested....HD cases on the other hand ..well you punch'er out to 90+ and let me know what happens when you wind'er up real hard...i have pieces of parts hanging on the wall from doing strange things to old motors... Image

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