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74" flywheels in a 1939 EL

Post Tue Oct 26, 1999 2:25 am

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Hello Larry;
I'm also in the mitts of an old knucklehead. when i popped it apart,it had 74" jugs that where cut down to 5.405". it had medium comp. shovelhead pistons. Both cylinder's where cracked and sleeved,an ugly sight, i bought an set of 61" cylinder's that where +.020" for $300., at an AMCA meet in Wauseon,OH. I bought my piston's and assoicated parts from Kick-Start motorcycle parts inc.
Good luck!


Post Wed Oct 27, 1999 1:34 am

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You'll have to send an check or money order for $5 to Kick-start motorcycle parts inc.
P.O. box 9347
Wyoming, Michigan 49509
Chuck that runs it doesn't want anything to do with the internet.
I suggest that you buy the book How to restore your Harley-Davidson, by Bruce Palmer
or sometimes called the bible from hell.
It does a very good job of identifying and explaning the how,what,and whys.

Post Wed Oct 27, 1999 3:03 am

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Chuck's a good guy and has a great cataloge.
And he usually has most everything in stock
so ya dont have to wait and if he doesnt he tells u up front.
And I agree with Geronimo about palmers book
good but straight from the hell of the restoRATion demons.

Post Wed Oct 27, 1999 11:55 am

Yes, the extra height is in the compression distance of the EL pistons. I would prefer a custom piston myself to shortening the barrels (if you insist - why not cut up a repro barrel instead? get one from KNS Cycle)
For Palmer's book, click here.

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Post Sun Oct 31, 1999 5:26 am

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dont think you can elec. weld cast but ive used nickel brass to flame braze cast with good results. you might be able to get iron rod to flow right if you use the right flux and keep the flame moving around to equalize the heat,

Post Sun Oct 31, 1999 3:24 pm

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Weld repair on cast iron can take up a whole new thread! Please post a new topic question, and tell us what and where your hardware is cracked or broken.


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