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Post Mon Oct 11, 1999 8:05 pm

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I just installed a Mallory Dist.part uses one of their "UNILITE" ignitions..i went to race at the AHDRA finals this past weekend and the "shutter wheel" scored the UNILITE unit..NOT GOOD! if you looking at one of these careful is a nice unit by design and should work like a champ ..but mine didn't ...oh yea this is ona 103 Knuck yea it belongs here Image...the Mallory crowd is gonna replace it ..but that didn't help at the finals was just bad machining.
Looking at some MSD stuff now..let you know how it works if i run it...and yea i know FHP has Dist....i just can't afford one yet Image

Post Wed Oct 20, 1999 1:24 pm

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Hi Booger,

Actually, there's another way to go: you can get an after market porkchop that will accept a late model ignition. Don't know what cam mods are needed and you might have to reararainge top end oiling.

Seen a couple of these on Pans and early Shovels and they seem to work pretty good.

Did you get your carbs straightened out?

Sorry 'bout the AHDRA race. Seems like this shit only shows up when it's critical.

Doesn't look like I'm going to make Maxton. Health is in the dumper.

Next year, maybe.



Post Mon Oct 25, 1999 8:38 pm

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Hiya filthy,

sorry ta hear your feeling poorly...get better man ...gees i'll have to put up with all them evos by me self ...
The carbs have been changed ...mikki 42's on her now...better all the way around ...
Exhaust mods ...some timing changes ...gear changes ..alot of changes ..she is running better ...and i have the ignition probelm solved (right now) ...but i have a back up plan just in case ...we have a 73 sporty bottom with "original" knuck heads coming together ...should be interesting Image
I'll keep ya updated as we progress with the project...I hope to have her running for the opener with AHDRA in Daytona 2000...i hope you get better man ...
keep the shiny side up


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