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Post Tue Jul 13, 2010 12:53 pm

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Hey guys,new member here but a LONG time rider.......just wondering what the general opinion is of the V-Twin repro. Knuckleheads ?......this may be the wrong place to post this question so, bear with me as I any rate ,I was wondering if any of you have any experience with them.....I've used their Panheads on a friends scooter and they were quite well done as to fit,finish and overall quality......just don't know about the Knuckles......opinions or hard facts appreciated.............."SHOOTER" :roll:

Post Tue Jul 13, 2010 7:34 pm

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I don't remember hearing anyone on here satisfied with anything from Ted's. Myself included. Only good thing is they do have some parts that are not easily available from other sources. I'm sure there will be a flood of others posting similar opinions.

On the other hand I have never gotten anything from S&S I was not delighted with. S&S provides quality proven parts knuckle, pan, shovel, Ironhead and all those others too. I would be hard-pressed to buy something from Ted's that S&S provides.

Post Wed Jul 14, 2010 4:08 pm

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That's what I'm hearing from some others also, but on the other side of the coin,a friend of mine has a set on his EL that he's been running for a couple of years with no problems at all....I guess he just lucked out, but then again, he rides like he's in a funeral procession,REAL SLOW,so his case is not a good one to judge these heads by.....I'm inclined to just rebuild what I have and leave the re-pops alone and go with a "proven commodity".....thanks for your response, as well as to anyone else that wants to jump in with an opinion.............................."SHOOTER"

Post Sat Jul 17, 2010 9:12 am

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There are parts in Tedd's lineup that are good. For instance he markets parts from Kurt at 45 Parts depot, Accel, Manley, and Wiseco. The problem lies with the quality of his in house brands, like Sifton. They have made it easier to return parts that aren't right, but you're still out quite a bit of freight and the "hassle effect". Sure wish they would take a look at what they are putting in the box before it goes out. I bought a wheel a couple years ago that had such a peak at the weld that nobody could have missed it, yet they still sent it out. I'm not sure who's knuckle heads they are marketing, but I'd go for the S&S set. You'll never regret it.

Post Sat Jul 17, 2010 1:58 pm

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If you use the S&S Flathead Power heads you must use their cast rocker tins. OEM stuff won't fit the Flathead Power heads.

Post Thu Jul 22, 2010 5:03 pm

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After looking aound on other forums and reading absolutely nothing good about the Taiwan manufactured Knuckleheads,I decided to "pull the trigger" on a set of S&S for a '47 model I'm doing.....couldn't believe the lead time,only a couple of days and they'll be headed my way !
I ain't knocking anybodys' product, that's not my style,but when you have a choice between a "known commodity" and an "unknown" it's pretty much a "no brainer"....especially when the cost is almost the same !...................."SHOOTER"

Post Mon Aug 30, 2010 9:23 pm

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....Well....Interesting stuff...I looked at V-Twin and J.P. Cycle stuff.....All I actually need are complete heads and cyclinders...but where do they come from....? Country of origin, that is...
I'm presently running 93" S&S sidewinder (3-5/8"X4-1/2") in my 46 knuckle...'panhead' style S&S cylinders...modified stock heads....S&S crank/rods, pistons, oil pump/drive gears, cam cover, carb, all working are the parts in my SPUTHE 80" XR type top end on my 1972 sportster...and prior to iron-head 74" S&Sstroker...
And I see the 93" complete motor from S&S actually about $1,000 less than the mystery brand? Does S&S sell just the heads and Cylinders for Knuckle...or do I need to buy the whole motor?


Post Tue Aug 31, 2010 11:51 am

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They sell the top end parts seperately. Look on page 58 of their catalogue. ... _Power.pdf

Post Tue Aug 31, 2010 8:19 pm

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...Seek and ye shall find.....Thanks...I got the catalog and pricing....easier to search through than the on-line catalog I last saw a couple years ago when S&S first aquired FHP...


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