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1938 early clutch assembly problem

Post Mon Apr 27, 2009 2:16 am

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I’m not satisfied with my clutch performance on my 38UL, and I’m a little afraid I have
installed to many disks or wrong types.

Can someone here help me to confirm exactly the numbers and correct types of clutch
friction disks in the third version of the early clutch assembly.

I use the third version friction disk, a steel disk with riveted on asbestos linings on each side.
I also use the long copper plated clutch hub nut #2275-38

Referred to page 335 in the book by Bruce Palmer ( How to restore your Harley Davidson )

Do I have to assemble it exactly like the attached picture?, how many disks do need, and what
order do they come?.

Hope some one can help me here, or give me some good hint’s to get a better performance.


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