Post Mon Dec 22, 2014 10:16 am

Motorcycles in Classic Movies

Wife and I watching a few classic movies, and I've noticed some have nice shots of old bikes. Thought I would share a few here. Watching our last two Bogie movies, we saw a police knuckle in San Fran. Sorry forgot the name of movie. In color too. Last night, while watching Dead Reckoning (1947), there was a motorcycle cop stopping Bogie and his gal. Took a few photos of the scene and after reviewing later, it looks like they actually used two different bikes. Tried to ID the primary differences. Also, when the scene starts out, the cop looks quite young. When it gets to the close up after he stops Bogie, the cop is older. Found out the older guy is Ray Teal, acted in many classic movies. Although he did not get credit for this one. Further research, I found a list of classic movies that should have police motorcycles in them. Might be interested to compile a still image list of these over time. Too many still shots to post here, so hopefully link will work. Finally got off butt and updated account so hopefully (again) this will work. ... 7ym8ZiqmQE