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S&S EU Compliant Mufflers

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Post Thu Jan 03, 2008 11:46 pm

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LA CROSSE, WI (January 03, 2008) S&S announces the availability of EC compliant replacement slip-on mufflers for late model v-twins.

In response to increased demand for S&S products in the European market, S&S now offers these EC compliant replacement slip-ons. These mufflers have been EC certified by TUV to meet EC standards and may legally be used to replace stock mufflers on emissions controlled vehicles listed in all countries in the European Union. - S&S press release

Vintage Twin note: This is all TUV stuff, before the WMTC (World Motorcycle Test Cycle) gets organized, but the one (emissions exempt)-kit-bike-per-person-per lifetime EPA standard will ride right along with the WMTC and supersede the TUV, say my contacts with the AMA. TUV is current today, but WMTC is planned to be the new, world emissions accepted standard as recent as 2005, unless times have changed that.
What we need are some true replica 3.5 gallon fuel tanks to go with our one-(emission exempt)-kit bike-per-person OHV Big Twins and start rolling :!:

Post Fri Jan 04, 2008 7:52 am

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Plumber wrote:
What we need are some true replica 3.5 gallon fuel tanks to go with our one-(emission exempt)-kit bike-per-person OHV Big Twins [/b] and start rolling :!:

Who is "We"? Are you going to buy some after you already found a set? If I need original 3.5's I simply buy them. Wether from a swap meet, a friends garage, or eBay. If you feel that there is such a need for reproductions why don't you spend your book profits and have them made? Do you think mentioning it in every post you make on any subject on the internet will force Tedd to make them? I am sure the Taiwan manufacturers would love to take your money. Cantact Steve at Paughco and he can tell you who to see and where to go.

Post Fri Jan 04, 2008 8:36 am

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Actually Chris, I believe those wheels are already in motion. V-Twin is the only company that can make these tanks. Paughco® cannot make them. Lifeline®, over in Anaheim cannot make them. If V-Twin doesn't make the replica tanks then no one will. I have a standing order for a set because I have customers for them.........waiting.
You are perhaps familiar with the hobby side of antique motorcycling, where onesy-twosey tank supplies keeps everything moving. That's fine, but we need thousands of 3.5 tanks for an industry and you need a huge manufacturer to invest the time and money it will take. CCI, Paughco and Lifeline are all considered "mom and pop" outfits. I think "small business" is anything below 10 million in sales a year. This is big guns stuff if the tanks are going to be made right. Expect a retail tag of $600-800 clackers.

Post Fri Jan 04, 2008 12:04 pm

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Once again Plumber you skirt around the issue. I am telling you that Steve at Paughco can direct you to the people who can make these tanks for YOU. Steve used to work for Custom Chrome Inc. and spent a lot of time in Taiwan getting things made for CCI. He is your best bet.
If as many of these tanks are waiting to be bought as you speculate this is your golden opportunity. Stop demanding that someone else do it and do it your self. In other words, Put up or shut up!

Post Fri Jan 04, 2008 4:22 pm

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Chris - You need to look inside an OEM tank shift half. Look at the dunce caps of metal that are stamped as relief for each of the shifter gate screws. Now look even further into a '51-53 set of tanks. Look for the little stamped dimples for each of the (6) emblem and strip screws.
Now, examine the exterior of the tanks. Look at how the '51-53 emblem strips are mirrored dimples.
That is big money to replicate. How much money, 250K to make them? You need to build a run of them. What's a run amount of gas tanks?
H-2 batteries are 250K runs. That's a lot of batteries. This is a job for V-Twin. Stand back might get hurt.

Post Fri Jan 04, 2008 7:34 pm

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Plumber wrote:
Stand back might get hurt.

Son? How big are then men in your neighborhood?
I have no intention nor the ambition to do any more reproductions. Therefore there is no way I can get hurt. This is your fantasy, not mine. Just keep wishing for someone else to do what you want.
Tedd doesn't make anything! He hires people in Taiwan to make things. All you have to do is sell 2,000 of your highly overpriced books and then you could afford to have these tanks made. Then you might have a product that someone would actually want to buy.
What's that you say? Nobody is buying your book? Awwwwww.

Post Fri Jan 04, 2008 8:26 pm

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V-Twin will make them right. Fear not.
I don't have time for anything but making a rigid Pan header fit into a flat-pipe hub. On that, we have an ally. This guy PanPal sounds like he's done a bunch of work around those USA, V-Twin sold exhaust systems. Knocking the spot-welded (fake rivet) bracket off and re-TiG welding it where you need it after you wrangle all the pipes together. Well go read it, except don't start calling people names over there. They''ll pinch you off like a you know what.
This URL won't take you to the page, so click on Forum>Kit Bikes> FL59 motor in a '55-57 Frame. Scroll to the bottom, that's where it starts getting good. I'm making that front header fit tomorrow. Then, heat-bend an oil filter bracket into shape. Then the '55-57 Pan is ready to roll.
Here's a press release from S&S about a trusted m/c shipper:

LA CROSSE, WI (January 4, 2007) S&S Cycle® announces that Keyboard Motorcycle Shipping will be the official domestic transport company of S&S Cycle Inc.

Keyboard Motorcycle Shipping, a Kentucky based company has long been regarded as one of the most trusted motorcycle shipping companies in the United States.
S&S has employed their services numerous times over the past few years for a number of domestic transportation needs. Their patented secure pallets and transportation methods insure damage free shipping, and their reliability record is unmatched. Keyboard will help transport bikes from the S&S 50th Anniversary Celebration ( to the AMD World Championship Park in Sturgis , SD.

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