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Post Thu Jul 12, 2007 10:56 am

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Before I start on this subject,think about this….This is about PRIDE..Im not advertising just the way I feel…
I have bought so called reproduction parts from BIG COMPANIES they seem to find the cheapest way to have it reproduced, yet sell it for BIG MONEY and of it doesn”t fit or work and all they say is who cares ,and if you call them they have A VERY BAD ATITUDE if they answer there phone and very few ever call you back beside who cares they already have your hard earned cash and besides the shipping back and forth and your time messing with them. There are a lot of companies doing that…myself I look for QUALITY not what every body tells me…Here are some SMALL companies that have PRIDE in what they make….and stand by there product…
Flathead Power…Sweden (as we all know) started out small and QUALITY was there main line…..nothing but the BEST and they never compromise to this day…..
Accurate Reproductions… Robert and I have just meet a little while back,he puts a lot of hours in his home based business and always willing to answer your questions.
Race Frame Engineering…Australia (Frame castings) Steve Little the same.
casTinGs….Sweden (motorcases)
Competition Distribution Co…. US (JD stuff etc)
Cotton a member in this forum US (Carb floats etc)
There a lot more SMALL BUSINESSES and HOME BASE BUSINESSES we should be supporting, but these are what come to mind…so why not buy from PEOPLE that REALLY CARE and not just anyone…PLEASE add your info and thoughts. LETS SUPPORT the LITTLE GUY trying to make a HONEST living that takes PRIDE in there PRODUCT
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Post Thu Jul 12, 2007 11:57 am

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A little known man who does excellent reproductions for Harley & Indian is Bud Hopkins. Off hand a few items are Indian seat pans, Pre 1940 Harley tail lamp assemblys, 1934-1939 tail lamp covers, VL, 45" and Big Twin tubular type rear stands used till 1939, and a lot of other quality parts. Bud doesn't advertise and usually sets up a small table at AMCA meets.
Bud Hopkins (517) 787-5247

Post Thu Jul 12, 2007 12:52 pm

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Thank you Chris, thats what I like to see. Credit were credit is due. Little known man No More...I know now who to bring up to my friends and people I its time to spread the word, Not False advertisements just to get you to buy ,but because its QUALITY and they treat people with respect. The OLD FASHION WAY
ACCURATE REPRODUCTIONS...Robert Jones is into 1903-20 Indian exhaust systems and sidecar stuff
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Harley-Davidson with FLXI sidecar

Post Fri Aug 24, 2007 9:09 am

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I'd like to add Worsham Castle Cycle Leather to the list of great service providers. It is a one man show, owned and operated by a gentlemen by the name of Michael Paquette.

He may possibly be the best leather craftsman in the world. Not only is his work great but he keeps his clients informed by e-mail or phone calls thru the entire project. Stunning work. Check out his web site if you are in need of seats or saddlebags or any leather project you may come across.

Post Fri Aug 24, 2007 9:58 am

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Here's a link. Beautiful work.

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