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Post Wed Jun 20, 2007 8:34 am
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If I personally had the cash on hand to take the company over, I would in a heartbeat. From my point of view, I see a good investment with a good return. An established company could greatly enhance its' product line. By continuing this forum, the new owner would maintain the respect the original company obtained from the beginning and all the way up to now. A newly established investor may wish to remain at the product level FHP operated at. I would probably go that route if I obtained it. That is just my choice. I never wanted to grow to big. I look at business like I look at life. I always taught my kids that life was like a ladder. You start out in this world on the first rung of a step ladder. As you mature, you gain a few rungs at a time while reaching for the top rung. Once in a while you fall back a rung. Sometimes you fall back several rungs. I taught them to never fall completely off of that ladder. If fate, luck, whatever, allowed them to reach the top of that step ladder, the step ladder would change over to an extention ladder. Higher goals would appear. Many more rungs would need climbed then. The bigger the ladder ?? The harder the fall, if you fell. Most folks simplify my logic to just the "ups and downs" terms. I'm excentric though. :wink: Pa

Post Wed Jun 20, 2007 12:15 pm

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All "personal" things aside. I for one would like to share the dealings I had with both Doug and Anders. Kind, professional, and INFORMATIVE. Anders would cover any question that I had ever asked of him. Straight and to the point. Doug has offered material help and some encouragement as well. This was at a time when both were working thru much bigger issues than helping me fix some cranky old motor cycle. All I can say at this time is Thank You. As far as the future of FHP I for one hope that some way to continue will come along. As with so many others I have no access to funds for a venture like this one. If some small help can be made by me please let me know. May we all support the forum cause it has saved my ass many times.
Steve H


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