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Post Mon Jul 09, 2007 11:28 pm

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WOW, Plumber...... the link didn't go to your book! What's up with that?

The Harvestore silos dot the landscape around here..... but the Ethanol plants are popping up all over the place with more planned every week. There are at least 4 large plants within an hour's drive of me. 3 years ago there were none. The movement is gathering steam. Farmers are getting information about nitrocellulose grasses, sugar beets, sugar cane and expanding their crop choices. In the 60's I had an Uncle that had a large Sugar cane crop here in Kansas. It did very well until demand dried up. I know it will grow here, as will beets and grasses.

pa. There is a site, that will allow you to put a petition online and gather signatures. When you choose they will forward it to congress, or the President, or whomever you choose.
Here's another..
pa. get a petition written up and I'll sign on.

Post Tue Jul 10, 2007 4:31 am
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I'd be honored to write up a petition Curt but I lack the skills to do it correctly. I'll try a draft but we would need an expert to edit, modify and correct it. I'll check out those links. I have a poor feeling about working through the Congress directly though. I feel the masses need onboard prior to working with Congress. Members of Congress will be noted on such a petiton also. All leadership will be noted on the petiton. The main point of this petition is to eliminate special interest [mainly non governmental groups such as the CFR and Trilateral Commission] and big corporate influence on our leaderships decision making. There are other influences to target also but the latter are the large ones. We all know the end results of this influence. Ranging from high fuel costs, trade balance, loss of industry/jobs, pork projects, domestic/foreign policy making, hidden monopolies, on and on and on. Where is Thomas Jefferson when ya need em ? Pa

Post Thu Jul 12, 2007 10:48 am

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Before I start on the heat source that I plan to be using on my WASTE OIL FUEL STILL, I want to say a few things. This project of makin fuel for your skooters will be documented in a step-by-step fashion as its being built as time permits. I have been thinking of using a 9 vat continous system. It's worth coming back to this site occasionally. Please keep in mind that as with any project, there will be weeks where quite a bit is accomplished and others that arn't to exciting. Sometimes I'll be waiting for parts,etc and other times I'll be doing projects around the property or working on my 1920 to 1924 FLXI (FLXIBLE) sidecar castings (molds etc...) Keep in mind that this project is being built by a non-professional motorcycle enthusiasts just like many of you. So please don't take anything I do as the only way (or right way) to do it.....anyway I came up with several different ways to do this....HOWEVER....Once I get into it I will know which way I want to go with it. But for now my basic plan is, im just going to follow Roger Sanders notes to the letter for the heat source.......with a heat exchanger. Keep in mind,this is NOT for every one, this is what I came up with to fit my needs,if you need info Email me...
EVERYBODY NEEDS FUEL....My main reason for makin fuel is tired of HIGH gasoline prices and it will not get better and besides I want to ride my skooter (Harley-Davidson),so lets do it together....even my mistakes on what not to do. People around the world/globe are looking for independence and working on GLOBEL warming problems, and maybe this info will encourage others to at least try something. Being a member of FLATHEAD POWER has help me to talk to members all over the world, what a GREAT experience, Thank you
Harley-Davidson with FLXI sidecar


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