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'58 Duraglide manual

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Post Tue Jan 16, 2007 6:47 am

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I was over at the Pan section talking to Chris and Plumber over the lack of information on the '58 Duo Glide but felt this message is better posted here. It is a little political and I apologize.

Did a little searching last night on the net and 1958 seemed like a fairly dull year. At least the year before, '57 was the introduction of the OHV Sportster and the last of the rigid framers, good year for Chevy and the Ford Fairlane. Didn't the Edsel come out in '58?

At least the next year in '59 Gary Powers was in the news and Castro came on line but looks like he's about finished this morning. Gotta hand it to him though for lasting so long on his own. Maybe after he's gone the Cuban and American people can come to terms, lets go there and party like we used to! Lets make them a good deal on all of those old cars, bikes and trains! There is a Harley Club in Havana with something like 100 bikes; all are pre '59 Pans, Knuckles and Flats but I bet their really worn to you know what.

We now trade with not only the former Soviet Union but Vietnam too. Maybe after Castro is gone the Cuban people can make themselves heard but hopefully not another Tinamen Square. Its time to forget about the past and move on, all of us.

My two cents......

-little stan

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