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Safe and Comfortable CCW

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Post Tue Aug 08, 2006 3:02 pm

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Greetings to all and thanks for the newest Shoot The Bull section. I'm wondering what others have found to be safe and effective holster carries while carrying a firearm while riding? I happen to live in a state that has legal CCW. I have tried several different holsters, some good some not so good. Weather has a lot to do with what works at the time. So far I have found that a high riding out of the belt holster with a positive retaing loop is best for me, however this requires a coat or during the hot weather at the vary least a shirt outside the belt for coverage. Being mistaken for someone that just knocked off a liquor store is not cool so coverage (concealment) is really important legally and common sense wise. Hopefully this topic doesn't offend anyone but if it does read the second amendment. Have a great day and a safe ride!

Post Tue Aug 08, 2006 4:48 pm
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A big hip cannon isn't concealable on your person while riding a bike in my view. A smaller 357 snubby revolver tucked away in a sholder holster works for me. A small derringer, say no more than a 357, slipped into a boot holster is also a good holder. We have concealed carry here also so why conceal it anyway ? Our concealed carry laws do not demand you actually conceal it. They demand you own the permit though. Heck Bro...You can militarize your bike and add a scabbard to it legally with that permit and toss your favorite semi auto high powered rifle into it. :wink: Pa

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