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Replacement Internal Parts For Early Guide Lights

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I thought it was time to share this with other members who are looking for those hard to find internal components for the early “tall stem” adjustable bulb, Guide S-H2 spotlights. By chance, I came across the perfect match, which is the Mobilite brand of spotlight, made by the Standard Thomson Company out of Dayton Ohio. There might be other brands out there whose internal parts are compatible with the early Guide models, but I have not looked for them. All the Mobilites I have purchased were easily found on ebay. I’d like to be clear and say I am not selling any parts here.
A few years ago I came into two of the early Guide “tall stem” spotlights. These are the models with the flat head screw on the backside center of the bucket that adjusts the movement of the bulb. What makes these different from the non-adjustable bulb Guide S-H2 lights, are the internal components:
The reflector has a circular shaped center where a barrel shaped light socket holding the bulb moves back and forth. At the rear of the bulb socket is an L-shaped arm with a threaded hole on the end that faces the hole in the center, rear of the shell. A cone shaped spring provides pressure between the arm attachment-socket assembly and bucket hole using a flathead screw.
One of the Guide lights I came into was complete with the internal components. The other light consisted of the shell and stem bracket. It needed the internal components, described above, as well as the bezel (ring) and lens.
I don’t know much of the history behind the Guide brand of lights, but know they were made for cars, tractors, boats and motorcycles and perhaps other vehicles. I thought there must be another Guide light or other brand out there whose internal components would compare favorably with the S-H2 models. I figured the best place to begin a search would be on Ebay, as there always seems to be several hundred spotlights available at any one time.
It didn’t take too long. As I found out by trial and error though, Mobilite came in either the 5” or 6” bucket width. You’ll want the 5” model as this is the same size and shape as the Guide lights. When searching for these, I found it best to query on the keyword “Mobilite” under the ebay motors category. If it is not stated clearly, I would ask the seller if the bucket is 5” or 6” in diameter. It has been my experience that if the flathead screw is visible on the backside of the bucket the internal components should be inside. But I would ask if unsure. I would also make sure the shell has a reflector for a bulb and not a sealed beam.
As you can see by the photos, the Mobilite bucket is nearly identical to Guide. The major exception being at the bottom where the support bracket or stem attaches. Also Mobilite does not have the hole on the lower backside for the Guide on-off switch. I’m sure a resourceful person could add the Guide stem and smaller hole for the light switch. Also as seen in the photos, the internal components are identical. The bezel (ring) is an exact duplicate as well. Most bezels on the Mobilites I have purchased are not dented or scratched as they often are on the Guide ones.
The Mobilite lens uses a lens support bracket to mate to the shell. It is not like the Guide lens, which sits atop a gasket riding on the lens. The Mobilite lens is slightly smaller in diameter and not quite as tall as the Guide lens. You could use the Mobilite lens on a Guide shell, but you would need to also use the lens support bracket (see photos). You can see the black painted lens support bracket holding the lens, on the Guide shell. So it would work, but those who are informed would know it is not correct.
The Mobilite also uses an on-off switch, but it is located along the support arm that holds the shell. I suppose it would work on a Guide light, but again, it would not be correct.
Over the last few years, I’ve purchased about a dozen Mobilite spotlights, all off Ebay. Generally at any given time, there are usually about 10 of these lights for sale. Most of these are in good shape and the seller wants a premium price. Occasionally, there will be one or more listed with beginning prices under $10.00. I think the most I paid was in the fifty-dollar range. The last one I bought, went for under twenty.
When I initially discovered these, I figured there had to be guys looking for the internal components as I was, so I decided to sell several sets on-line (one set for one light). I think I had a buy it now price of about $90.00 with all sets selling within a very short period of time. Nice profit, I suppose, but I’m now only interested in sharing this information so others can either profit themselves or purchase the parts off Ebay or other sights they need for their own lights. I’ll bet these could also be found at the many antique car meets held across the nation. Good luck hunting.
Hopefully the comparison photos will explain things a little better. If not, I’d be happy to provide more photos here or privately or answer other questions. Flathead Ed

Tried uploading a few photos but they would not work. I'll query the forum, Pa or Curt and try again later.

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