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Red Wing Boots

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Post Mon Mar 21, 2011 2:45 am

Red Wing Boots

got the opportunity to get some new boots at work on exes. I have more work boots and overalls than I know what to do with, I get bombarded with them on my travels and don't need any but never turn down anything on exes, sez I.

trawling about I see Red Wing 1155s ( the 11" pull-on ones ) on the Welding Supplies website. I bought some Red Wing steel-toes from them three or four years ago, Client Offshore Reps can be terrible old hams at times, and they are doing just fine. I have a pair of the lace-up ones with the white wedge soles, and they have been really comfortable for a good few years. I see a lot of harsh words about RedWing these days and I don't intend spending that sort of shillings for Chinese made boots I can get for 15 quid in the market, any comments on this?
Shoot, a man could have a good weekend in Dallas with all that stuff...


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Re: Red Wing Boots

45 Brit, I've spent countless hours on my feet on concrete. The only shoes I ever owned that come out of the box and felt like slippers. It's been a few years since i bought my last pair I'd sure hate to hear they're going down hill.


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Re: Red Wing Boots

One compnay I used to work for issued Red Wings once a year for free. You went to the dealer to get fitted and left with a pair. I abused those work boots in machine shop hot chips, cutting, and chemicals. They held out for the full year each time. Other makes did not last a month under those extreme conditions. Pa

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