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deliveranmce and dud czechs.. just for George Greer

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nothing wrong with Czech banjos. Prucha comes to mind. Pete Werninck plays Prucha, 'nuff said

you learnt to play bluegrass from tab? bloody hell .. more patience than me, old son!

I did once play ''waltzing matilda'' with a pub band in Stavanger on a run ashore, that was a laugh... and I worked out Duelling Banjos as a duet for banjo and balalaika for an open-mike night in O'Neills in Atyrau, Kazakhstan, that was easier than it sounds
Shoot, a man could have a good weekend in Dallas with all that stuff...

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This reply is for both 45brit and George. I've been a rocker and blues man most of my years. I pretty much like all kinds of music. I enjoy the banjo. We have bluegrass conserts around here all the time. My oldest son plays the banjo. There was an early 70's tune out once, called "Sweet City Woman" by the Stampeeders [sp]. The tune incorporated the banjo into the soft rock age. When we visited Grandma's house as a child, all of my Father's brothers and his Father, played bluegrass instruments. It was cool to get a good free concert each visit. Pa

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Dud's huh.... :D

Drop by someday.......I'll let ya see for yourself... :D Either of the three..

I also have a mandoline, fiddle and two guitars....hell, if I had a bass, I would have my own bluegrass band....

Mandoline's hard to play.. neck's too small for my hands...I keep the fiddle just to piss off the ole lady sometimes......knock it just out of tune and not enough rosin on the bow...boy howdy...she's gone. Jogging bike just out of the house and the noise....awfull aint I ?

Mostly play the 5 string...

Grew up around country and bluegrass music...grannie played harmonica/fiddle...grandpa guitar....other cousins...bass, fiddle, guitar,, wish they were still around to jam with..put most have passed on now.


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British English, haha.... Rober Maxwell the newspaper magnate and big-time fraud, was often referred to in the English papers as 'the dud Czech', well in the papers he didn't own at any rate. Prucha banjos are quality stuff by any standards

I can't play the mando, never tried. I have the sort of hands that go with 30 years in the oil patch, I have a wide-neck uke banjo that I mess about with sometimes but only that.

I don't have a bluegrass background at all. My background is more folk and country ( in the British sense ) and I play 4-string sometimes, mainly 5-string. The balalaika was surprisingly easy, it has 3 strings tuned A-E-E and you strum it like a uke banjo or mando, lots of tremolos and fingered shapes repeated up and down the neck; I had a 20" short-scale travel banjo with me tuned to open A so it was simple to play a strummed chord sequence for backing on the balalaika with the melody on the banjo
Shoot, a man could have a good weekend in Dallas with all that stuff...

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