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Rear axle freeplay..?

Post Mon Mar 17, 2008 11:39 am

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after inspecting and cleaning my axle, it must be assembled again.
according to my servicarmanual, axle-end freeplay must be between.003 and .005.
in my situation left .009 and right.0011. (1952 hydraulic brake) (the axle ends can move sideways,pushing on left-,than right comes out a little.push right will poush left out

the lock-rings are a little worn on the inside (on side of differential-gear spacer) i think thats were freeplay comes from.
when i rotate the axle-half-lockrings (inside facing outside) there is no freeplay or moving sideways.

my lockrings are .125 thick, the standard version. if i put new ones in my rear , there will be NO freeplay.

what are my options ? order.125 and make them .003-.005 thinner? or assemble with 009 and 0011
anybody ideas?

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