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WTB or WTT: specialty tools for K model / ironhead

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Hi everyone,

Some of you have probably watched with amusement as you see another guy new to Ks and early sportsters slowly learn the marque and make the same silly mistakes as I go as perhaps you also made back in the day. Anyway, after a couple of years now at scouring the net, indy shops, and pestering old-timers, I think I have perhaps collected enough parts and pointers to finally want to have a go at building an engine myself.

I was wondering if anyone here could point me in the right direction for tools that are a must-have for this task?

I don't have the budget to go down the new "Jims" route, so am looking for tips on fabricating tools or on used specialty tools that might be available. I do not have the skills or facilities to own a lathe, press, or welder, etc so these sort of tasks would be outsourced to a professional; but I would like to have a go at disassembly/assembly and refurbishment at least - from the bare cases (races etc installed) level up.

I'd be interested in hearing from those of you who have been down this path in the past, or even those of you who might have such tools for sale (cheap!)

TIA, Simon

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I have a whole drawer of things in my toolchest, which are oddly-bent or ground-down spanners and sockets for cylinder base and head bolts.... strangely bent and ground-off screwdrivers for those spring-loaded push-rod covers on shovelheads... spanners cut from plate for doing up the union nuts on 45 inlet manifolds... assorted peg spanners for the exhaust nuts on Jawa speedway bikes and Norton twins... strange compressors and pullers for the huge centre spring on BSA M20 clutches... odd spacers for various purposes, and a really wierd thing for the finned exhaust nuts on BMWs. I even have a length of scaffold pole with one end beaten flat for doing up crankpin nuts on 500cc JAP engines, but I don't usually admit to that one!

where half this stuff came from, I have long forgotten!

somehow I have missed out on Sportsters.....
Shoot, a man could have a good weekend in Dallas with all that stuff...

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No worries - I think I have found what I am looking for!

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Hi suicideshovel65, what have you found, and is there a source, or just what you need for your own shop ? Thanks for any leads.

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Hi, Suicideshovel,

Yep, anything can be fabricated or recycled...

"Pusher" to get the crank out of the left case:


Clutch locking plate:


Locking bars, use underneath pistons or across primary to lock/unlock nuts:




Gear box sprocket extractor:


Crank balancing cum aligning stand:



Could go on forever!!! These K/KH/Sportster engines are SO easy to work on anyway!!

All the best from Patrick

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