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compensating sprocket

Post Wed May 11, 2011 7:07 pm

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so i bought a assembled lower end 52k,the sprocket shaft splines are slightlly bigger then the ones on my sprocket shaft extension,so i cant use my comp sprocket,i assume they used a later year sprocket shaft,can i use the later year extension with the earlier compensating set?or do i need the later year set alltogether?
it did come with 2 sprockets,just not compensating sprockets.both have the larger splines and press fit on the shaft ,but one is longer then the other.spaced out more?the other is the same length as the 52 sprocket.both are bigger dia then the 52 one and have 34 teeth insted of 30 on the older one.i have the seal retainers but as of yet no seal they rest against the extension,and if im not going to use the extension will they still work behind the later year sprocket?
what direction should i go?

Post Fri May 13, 2011 5:21 am

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Hi sean,

The K comp sprocket wasn't very good... Hence the new design in 54 for the KH that was carried on the XL/XLH. Seem to remember I could kick my KK around the cam sometimes without the crank turning one yota!!!

Don't know exactly what fits what, can only tell you I swapped the early K cam on my KK for my KHK cam without hassle, the KH cam ramp did not allow so much travel and override!!!

I would use all the early parts if it were my bike and just update the cam. Don't forget the K primary is shallower than the KH one due to smaller clutch, so full width later comp assemblies might hit it!!!


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