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need brake shoe assmeblies for -54R KRTT rear backing plate

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I have a couple KRTT conical hubs coming my way.I plan on using one on the front as designed.Then do as the racers did,following H-D drawings and run the rear brake backing plate on the primary side and a sprocket hub on the small end of the conical hub so i can try any size rear sprocket i want.I know 1952-63 K,KH,XL and 1936-57 BT use the 7.25" i'd. drum but they only have 1" wide brake shoes.The KRTT piece uses 1.5" brake shoes.Anyone know if anyone reproduces them,or what is a guy to do.I don't really want to run the 1" that readily available but will if that's my only option.Any help appreciated.............


Not easy.
The closest I can find is the 190mm BSA Gold Star etc. shoe, but it's 7.48" × 1-3/8". If the lining thickness is more than 3/16" it may work if arc-ground down to size. Try Vintage Brakes.
Why aren't you just modifying this 8.00 × 1-5/8"?


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No idea if there a sorce for 1.5 shoes as my 52 has the 1 inch units and it stops great but anyway if you have 1.5 shoes take them down to any truck "Clutch and Brake" Shop. I've had all sorts of strange things relinned before. Give them the ID of the hub or bring it with out they should be able to arc grind them to fit.

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I am using the backing plate and shoes for a '64-'72 H-D wheel in my KRTT front wheel. You should be able to make it work for rears as well. I seem to remember seeing rigid big twin shoes used as well. Same lining as the '64 shoes!

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Thanks Guys that's what i'll probably have to run and drop back to the 1" wide shoes,it'll do.I'm skinny,and one is going on both front and back of my light as i can make it stroker 45.I have the pretty hard to find "around here anyway" 8" drum front brake assembly used on some sportsters and 1970-71 fx's.I wish the KRTT hub was big enough for them.
Panic i'm trying to do use all h-d parts on this build if possible.I know h-d didn't produce the -54R KRTT hub "in house" but they made the drawings and sourced the work.That makes them as close to h-d parts as a lot of the old racing pieces were.Thank you very much for the info on the brake shoe size in the drum assembly you pictured.


Depends on how much you want to spend to do this.
If you can sacrifice 2 sets of dead shoe cores, you can simply add a 1/4" chunk sawed off the 1" shoe itself to get the right radius outboard of the existing shoe on both sides by welding (inner side only, with a small strap across for rigidity), or cut the whole thing apart and weld 2 cores side-to-side (more work, 1 weld, joint centered in the strut) to make it 1.5" wide with the correct 7.25" curvature and mechanical bits. Drill some holes to save weight. As long as the outer surface is clean, new 1.5" shoes can be bonded in place and arc-ground to the drum ID.

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Hey thanks Panic that sounds like the problem solver right there.I'll probably try the 1" set up first out of laziness before tackling the modified set up as you described.Your solution is the best i've found thus far.........

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