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The Wishbone 45"/4sp thread

Built something weird, one-off or want to? Ask or tell us about it here.

Post Sun Jun 03, 2007 10:13 pm

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So...what became of this project? Watched on both sites as bike unfolded.
Sprocket shaft scared me! Did it ever run again? Did you put some sort
of big-twin power in it?
I picked up a similar project last month, Aftermarket cases Alt L/H with
Generator R/h. It has a -70 sprocket shaft with a 64 & earlier tranny.
Primo 1-1/2" belt using a little more than 1/2 front pulley., & wearing
outside on clutch shell. All done now except waiting on new intake & carb.$$
old harley parts are MY 401K!


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