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WL with K top-end

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Post Sat Nov 11, 2006 7:52 am

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thanks for replying Dr Dick, i have khk cams but they are pretty rougth with pitting, was thinking of 45 parts depot wr cams, followers and guides changing the cam spindles for the wl type, any thoughts. jib

Post Sat Nov 11, 2006 3:26 pm

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I don't know much about the WR cams and followers, never owned any. The K top end does want a lot hotter cam than the wl for sure. Whatever you do, has to go faster than a stock wl :-)
Dr. Dick

Post Wed Aug 13, 2008 4:00 pm

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Hi Guys,

I Thought I'd reserrect this old thread.
I just got an email from a perspective customer asking what had to be done to put a K top end on a WL bottom.

At the risk of potentially exposing myself to the mercy of the many knowledgeable members of this forum, I will ask for any comments, suggestions, or whatever, by posting my response here.

"What you need to complete your project are my angled WR tappet guides , these are designed to be used with standard WL roller tappets.
My WR angled cam lobes (available in various grinds) which need to be timed and welded to your existing WL gear clusters (the ones with the push out shafts).
WR valve covers which I do not have in production yet. The standard covers will not work because of the large threads.
I don't think the sportster cams will work, they have even less lift than the WL cams because they make it up in the rocker ratio, also they are designed for OHV motors not flatheads..
If you use my hotter cam profiles you should replace the valve springs, Steve Hartley has these available.

All of my parts are direct bolt in except for fitting the cam lobes.
On the KR cylinders the bolt hole near the exhaust lifter is NOT in the same position as on the WL or WR. You must either move the stud or the hole (may be easier).
You will also need a K or WR intake manifold and I think K pipes will work but I'm not sure how they will clear the bottom of the timming cover. "

What is this forum's opinion as to the correctness of this response, any additions, deletions, or clarifactions.

Please be gentle!
Bruce Argetsinger
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Post Fri Aug 15, 2008 11:02 am

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I think you've pretty much got it excepting that the std intake tappet guides align much better than WR to K cylinders. Should be able to modify them to accept the WR slip on covers. Still haven't done this personally as although I had planned it, I now want a KH instead...again...still.
Seeing Hilo's from Johnny's Vintage Cycle at Wauseon and mid OH sealed the deal.
KR hard tail and baby cerianis...sweet! Great job!
I may have a wl/k "kit" for sale sometime in the future.
Should have kept every bike that I've ever had but there's just not enough room and time to keep them all up.

Post Sun Aug 17, 2008 12:52 pm

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Initialliy I fitted WR exhaust tappet guides and WL intake tappet guides (changed to make a WR valve cover fit). The alignment was perfect for the exhaust tappets, and just good enough for the intakes to make it work, but not good enough to fit the WR valve covers. See this picture (posted on Iron Motors Tech). The valves are tilted towards the bore, but also... in the length direction. Now I have fitted WR tappet guides on both exhaust and intake (the version for roller tappets), and the WR valve covers do fit. Alignment is perfect! Have fitted KH cams. All else is standard K, head, intake etc.

WR-exhaust and WL intake tappet guide (note misalignment K-valve and WL-tappet-guide) => (LOWER) INTAKE VALVE COVER DOES NOT FIT

WR tappet guides all around => VALVE COVERS DO FIT!

KH cam profile compared to WL cam:


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